822-Condyloma : How to Get Rid of Condyloma Naturally

Condyloma : How to Get Rid of Condyloma Naturally. Here are the best ways to treat warts with plants. It also works well for most warts

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Warts : How to Get Rid of Condyloma Naturally

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Condyloma ( HPV ) : Definition

There are mostly genital warts or growths on the penis , scrotum, vaginal, buttock, or vulva and pubic area. Sometimes, they are present in the perineum or around the anus. It should be remembered that condyloma is a viral disease to be taken seriously. Condyloma virus is HPV. They cause few manifestation. But, presence of the condyloma is visual. That is accounted for by seeing or touching small warts or growths mainly on the genitals.

Prevalence of Condyloma

50% and 70% of the sexually active population will be in contact with HPV during their lifetime. However, most of us get rid of it spontaneously. Also, on the other hand, about 1% of the population suffers from condyloma.

Course of HPV Infection

Often, the incubation period is about 1 to 9 months, although much longer delays. (up to several years or decades). In addition, some people who get HPV fight it well. and do not show any symptoms. Unknowingly, they carry it and develop lesions when their immune system is reduced by age, disease or treatment. It is therefore difficult to know exactly when and from whom they caught HPV

What is the cause of condyloma?

The HPV virus, that causes condyloma, is transmitted usually during direct sexual act with a person infected with the virus. Also,transmission can occur through contact with infected genital secretions. It is extremely unlikely to be passed without sexual contact

Two-thirds of those exposed to condyloma by their partner will develop it within 2 to 3 years after unprotected sex

What are the complications in humans?

In humans, some types of HPV are associated (HPV 16 or 18) with anal cancer and more rarely with penile cancer. Over time, some genital warts can turn into precancerous lesions, then into cancer.

How to make a diagnosis of condyloma in men?

Condylomas are most often detected with the naked eye by present of warts. They are sometimes difficult to diagnose because they may be the same color as the skin or hide in folds of skin or mucosa.
Please to consult your doctor every time you see warts or growths on your genital tool

The condyloma can disappear spontaneously without any treatment in a few months in 50% of the people affected. But, a few people will develop condyloma and have genital warts

The goal of treatment is not to remove visible lesions only. But to treat this viral disease

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